Technical data L32-1M12

Main side
Number of axis (total)7 + 2
Main spindleZ1 + C1
Gang tool postX1 / Y1 / B1
Maximum machining Ø (mm)32 / 38
Maximum headstock stroke (mm)320
Maximum spindle speed (Rpm)8000
GBL- SpecificationStandard
Motor Power (kW)7,5
Gang tool post 1
Turning tools6 x 16mm
Cross rotary tools4 + X (OP)
Maximum speed (Rpm)6000
Motor Power (kW)1,0
Sleeve holder for fix tools3 front + 3 back
AxisX1 / Y1
Front drill block
Fix tools3 Rotary or Fix
Back side
Back spindleZ2 / X2 / Y2 / C2
Maximum machining Ø32 / 38
Motor Power (kW)3,7
Maximum spindle speed (Rpm)8000
Back working tools
Number of tools4 Rotary + 5 Fix
Maximum speed (Rpm)6000
Motor Power (kW)1,0
General info
CNC Control unitMeldas 70M
Dimension (mm)2.520 x 1.382 x 1.750
Weight (Kg)2900