ATC - Automatic Tool Changer

We have developed a B-axis ATC (Automatic Tool Changer) while keeping the operability of the best-selling L20 machine unchanged.

Citizen’s unique, compactly designed ATC tooling with B-axis can be mounted on the gang tool post to enable use of a total of 13 front machining B-axis tools, comprising 12 ATC tools and one tool built into the tooling. (L20XII dedicated option)

With the L20’s operability unchanged, using the ATC tooling in conjunction with existing turning tools and cross machining rotary tools combines the machining speed of a Swiss-type automatic lathe thanks to the gang tool post. With the versatility of a B-axis turning center equipped with an ATC.

The capability for machining complex parts like medical parts including implants, the ATC provides an environment where the tool setting for machining several types of workpieces can be completed in a single setup.

B-axis machining, the ATC tooling can also be used in a wide range of applications such as those with a lot of cross/ end face machining, utilizing a wealth of tool variati- ons including slitting/hobbing.

Max. rotary tool speed on ATC tooling 12.000 min-1
Motor output 2,2 kW
Tool holder type JBS-15T
Number of B-axis tools 12 (magazine) + 1 (built-in)
Total number of tools mountable on machine 34 max.(including B-axis tools)
Tool change time (chip-to-chip) 4,0 sec
Maximum tool outer diameter ⌀ 30 mm
Maximum tool gripping diameter ⌀ 10 mm (ER16)