New innovative control options.

New sliding headstock automatic lathe – with double gang tool post at the guide bush.

The D25 sliding head automatic lathe inspires by its high motor capacity and its large variance of workpieces. It is perfectly suited for fast and complex machining processes. The innovative control unit has been designed

in accordance with state-of-the-art standards and is easy to operate.

Equipped with double gang tool post and one B axis (type VIII), the D25 sliding headstock type automatic lathe features extremely short machining times hand in hand with maximum productivity.

The high number of workpieces of the main and back spindle keeps production cost low and offers versatile machining options – everything on a single machine. As an option, bar material of up to Ø 25 mm can also be machined extending the range of workpieces even more.

Special features:

  • Up to 59 tools may be mounted. Grants short machining times.
  • Highly flexible machining at the main spindle due to the double gang tool post.
  • Reduced cycle times thanks to simultaneous use of several tools.