A high-end model covering Ø 16 mm.

The B axis function of rotary tools on the gang tool post and the back tool post Y axis function provide the advantage with complex shapes and secondary machining.

The M16 type VIII features a B axis for rotary tools on the gang tool post. It can machine angled holes and complete shapes. The swivel angle of the B axis is 135° and it can be used in both front and back machining. The back tool post is equipped with a Y axis (type VIII) and up to 9 tools can be carried. But we have not just upped the number of controlled axes and the number of mountable tools.

In addition to upping the rapid feed rate to 32 m/min and running high-speed calculation with the latest NC unit, the maximum rotational speeds of the front/back spindle and the rotary tools on the turret tool post have also been increased.

By machining with the optimum conditions for small-diameter workpieces and small-diameter drills/end mills, high productivity can be achieved.

Special features:

  • High speed and extreme ease of maintenance lead to a significant increase in productivity.
  • 32 m/min rapid feed rate and reduction of idle time by ca. 30%.
  • Air seals are used as a standard feature in the front spindle, guide bushing and rear spindle, this restricts the entry of coolant and chips.
  • Optimum machining conditions for small complex parts thanks to high-speed rotation of front/back spindle.
  • Energy saving due to idling stop.