Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 – trailblazing, digital transformation.

Thanks to progressive digitization, production steps within one machine – or also within several machines combined – may be monitored and documented in a more efficient way. The networking of machines is the key to process optimization and puts the economical factor first.
Using integrated sensors, the permanent supervision of the machine functions is granted which benefits the maintenance system during operation. Via remote maintenance, access to the machines from anywhere is possible and digital intervention may solve serious problems in case of an emergency.
This not only saves time but also unnecessary field service calls. Industry 4.0 pursues the target of achieving optimum machine availability due to digital networking.

Monitoring and controlling by sensor technology.

The sensors installed in the lathe detect parameters of the following measuring units: Temperature, acceleration and vibrations. Errors in the process sequence is detected by the sensors and directly transmitted to the PC of the operator in charge. In case of machines integrated in a production chain, a signal is sent to cooperating machines to make them stop the production. If e.g. an error occurs at the unloading unit, the production at lathe and loading system will be interrupted until 
the error is removed.

To grant a smooth exchange of data between the operating systems and make all units involved „speak the same language“, Citizen cooperates with a provider specialized in interface connections who bundles up a wide variety of computer languages to one common one.