Loading regulations

In this document, we would like to point out our current loading regulations:

Requirements on the vehicle:

  • The vehicle must be suitable for transport of high-quality machine tools. Air suspension and movable lashing eyes are a prerequisite.
  • Loading is carried out from the side by means of a forklift truck and the loading area must generally be free of contamination (no lubricating films, water, ice, etc.) and well-swept.
  • In principle, box trucks and open vehicles are not loaded.

Requirements on cargo securing

  • Material for cargo securing such as girth covers, lashing straps, anti-slip mats, etc. are provided on the vehicle by the forwarder/carrier in a sufficient quantity and in perfect condition.
    1. Lashing straps must feature a pretensioning force (Stf) of 500 daN.
    2. Anti-slip mats must feature a thickness of at least 6 mm and be certificated to feature a friction factor of at least 0.6.
    3. Loading cannot be carried out without these materials.
  • For reasons of cargo securing, pallets and boxes are not stacked on the truck.

If the vehicle does not comply with our regulations, we will have to reject loading due to liability reasons.

Correct lashing points

Impermissible lashing points