Cincom’s B series ‘best seller’ model has been revamped. And the cost has been substantially reduced.

The B series, which has sold well worldwide for a long time, has been revamped. The B16 can handle diameters up to 16 mm, so the range of target workpieces has been expanded. The B series is renowned for its speed, accuracy and high reliability at extremely low running cost. This 4th generation model retains the same tool layout granting high-accuracy machining in the proven manner.

The rigidity of the back headstock has been improved. Preprocessing for shortest cycle time is supported by a simple on-machine program check function.

The standard specifications include a comprehensive range of NC functions.


Special features:

  • Reduced thermal displacement.
  • On-machine program check function.
  • Full NC functions.
  • Comprehensive range of optional accessories.