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Acclaimed for its excellent cost to performance ratio, the A20 has evolved as a 5-axis machine for 20 mm diameter applications with the advantage that it can be used with or without a guide bush. It can be used as a regular guide bush automatic lathe when machining long slender workpieces, and without a guide bush for shorter parts with minimal bar remnants. The guide bush can be quickly and simply mounted and removed.

The performance of the machine has been improved too. The high-speed 10,000 rpm spindle enables optimized machining operations on smaller-diameter bar material. The machining length per chucking is now extended to 200 mm enabling the number of re-chuckings and thus the cycle times to be reduced when machining long workpieces. As an option, bar material of up to Ø 25 mm can also be machined extending the range of workpieces even more.

Special features:

  • Excellent price-performance ratio.
  • Maximum precision and reliability.
  • High operator convenience and good chip disposal.
  • Short retooling times.
  • Part removal: the finished part is transferred onto a workpiece conveyor belt via a chute.