Ultimate Gang + Turret: The M32 is reborn.

Adoption of newly designed cover to provide workability, as well as a new HMI operating panel for the new NC unit and touch panel provides improved operability and productivity. Additionally, structural analysis was performed to achieve a highly rigid design that provides an optimal balance between strength and weight at small footprint to greatly improve the rigidity required during machining. The turret tooling has been completely redesigned with a conversion to single-drive for rotary tools and strengthening of the rotary tools motor.

The gang tool post has been equipped with a type VIII B-axis spindle for contouring by use of five- axis control.

The back tool post has been equipped with adjustable-angle type VII and VIII spindles to provide complex machining in combination with the Y axis. Improved back machining improves the degree of freedom in machining process allocation. A 5.5/7.5 kW high-output spindle motor has been adopted for main and back spindles. You can switch between use and non-use of guide bushes for compatibility with 38-mm oversize specifications.

Special features:

  • Large variety of tools for the machining of complex parts.
  • Environmentally-friendly products.
  • Reduced cycle times hand in hand with reduced power consumption.