Training and further education opportunities with the Citizen Academy in cooperation with the education provider Quantum

The shortage of skilled workers in Germany offers many options for moving into a new job with a secure future.

Whether you are a baker and would like to gain a foothold in a metal construction profession or would like to continue your education to have even better job opportunities and to be able to develop personally - the Citizen Academy has a solution for every requirement. We offer customised training opportunities at the Donaueschingen or Rottweil locations in part-time or full-time.

Managing directors who are looking for a retraining opportunity for their employees are also at the right address with us.

We will inform you about all individual measures, which are often 100% subsidised by the state.

The participants are trained theoretically and can put their knowledge into practice in the practical part on the Citizen machine directly on site. For tricky tasks, our team of Citizen experts is of course also available.

The advantages:

  • State subsidies for each qualification measure: up to 100%
  • Individually adapted training (also part-time)
  • Better chances on the labour market
  • Train your own staff to fill missing positions
  • Better earning opportunities

Contact us and let us put together your individual training programme.

By mail: 
Contact person: Mr Sascha Gersmann     
By phone: 0711 3906 100