A different kind of neighbourhood

Citizen Machinery Europe supports the "Dicker Turm"

Closely to the premises of CME there is the „Dicker Turm“. Being part of the local castle it is the landmark of Esslingen. The tower has once been used as a film setting and has been a famous culinary place to go among restaurant enthusiasts.

Showing its age and in need of renovation, the tower has been vacant for years now. High investment costs and certain remedial measures such as a barrier-free access would be necessary.

The local castle club as well as the initiative ʺtower guards“ stand up for the maintenance and restoration of the tower and diligently collect donations. Not only do committed citizens donate but also local companies like CME.
We have considered something very special as a donation to our neighbour and designed a delicate and true-to-detail replica of the tower at one of our Swiss type lathes. Being 7cm high and 3 cm wide it is one of our prestigious creations and can be aquired by prospects via the Stadtmarketing Esslingen. The proceeds are completely donated to the restoration of the „Dicker Turm“.

Article from "Esslinger Zeitung" Date 2019/02/20