Even faster with concistently high precision.

Hand scraped slideways offering maximum stability and rigidity are used to achieve the renowned “Miyano accuracy“. These slideways excel at extraordinarily high rigidity as well as excellent damping characteristics thus contributing to powerful machining and extended tool life. The main components of the machine, like spindles and tool slides, are installed on the stable cast bed. The machine is designed in a way that mounting faces are not distorted by the effects of heat. Even if the units are subject to thermal expansion, they are all displaced in the same direction (perpendicular to their mounting faces). This minimizes relative deviations between the workpice and cutting tools.

Special features:

  • Easy to use tooling system.
  • Simultaneous machining with 3 tools.
  • Maximum productivity hand in hand with very short cycle times. The renowned “Miyano accuracy“.
  • Highly flexible tool configuration.
  • Excellent machining output and efficiency.
  • Cycle time shortened by superimposition control.
  • LFV Technology.