Citizen Machinery Europe GmbH is the European subsidiary of Citizen Machinery Japan, a worldwide leading manufacturer of sliding headstock type CNC automatic lathes and a company of Citizen Holdings Japan. Next to their Japanese origin, Citizen Machinery Europe also have German roots which take us right to the Boley company. Both companies, Boley and Citizen, alone have always stood for tradition and innovation in the fields of automatic lathes.


Citizen Machinery Japan merged with Miyano Machinery Inc., a leading manufacturer of fixed headstock type CNC automatic lathes. Citizen Machinery Europe also merged with Miyano Machinery Europe in Germany and continued selling the Miyano products together with the Cincom products under the name Citizen Machinery Europe in Germany and parts of Europe. Based on this wide product range, large parts of turning processes may be covered and new application ranges and customer groups be tapped.


Citizen Machinery & Boley GmbH becomes Citizen Machinery Europe GmbH. In the course of the global orientation of Citizen Machinery Japan, the activities on the European market are re-organized. Citizen Machinery Europe is intended to mainly concentrate on sales and service as well as the realization of custom-tailored applications in the future. The aim is to expand the market position in Germany as well as other European markets. Next to this, a European Technology Center is established which is meant to take over development and design as well as the used-machine business.


In April 2007, Citizen Watch Co., Ltd., Japan becomes a holding company. The automatic lathes are integrated in the business segment Industrial Machines while at the same time development, production, sales and service of the products are bundled within Citizen Machinery Co., Ltd., Japan, worldwide. Citizen Machinery & Boley GmbH thus become a subsidiary of Citizen Machinery Co., Ltd., Japan. Citizen Machinery Japan forms a capital and business alliance with Miyano Machinery Japan, a leading manufacturer of fixed headstock type CNC automatic lathes. Especially in the fields of marketing, sales and service, the cooperation is meant to be intensified. For Europe, Citizen Machinery & Boley takes up a strategic position.


In April 2005, our parent company, Citizen Watch Co., Ltd., Japan, adopted the 10 basic principles of UN Global Compact in the frame of their Corporate Social Responsibility. We, as a subsidiary, will therefore also follow these principles. We consider ourselves as partners of industry and users and intend to supply our customers with products and services of the highest quality and safety. In excess of this, we also consider us a part of society the shared values and principles of which have significantly changed in the course of the globalization of companies. Therefore, our activities are not only limited to the supply with better products, the compliance with laws and regulations, the strive for efficiency or the distribution of profits to shareholders. Instead, our company activities have also been expanded to the fields of environmental protection, information technology, contributions to social welfare and social policy.


In order to even intensify and bundle the capacities and strengths of the individual companies in the areas of development and production, sales and service, both companies merged to form Citizen Machinery & Boley GmbH under the roof of the parent company Citizen Watch Co., Ltd., Japan, in 2003. Development, design & construction, production, sales and service of the products is realized at the Esslingen location situated at the river Neckar. Fixed headstock type CNC automatic lathes under the brand name of Boley were manufactured as were the sliding headstock CNC automatic lathes of the CINCOM brand. Products are sold all over Europe. The sales activities are not limited to machines produced at the Esslingen site but also includes the entire CINCOM product line even if manufactured in Japan. Likewise, all services, as customer service and spare parts, are offered for all products.


In 1992, Citizen took over Messrs. Boley GmbH as 100% subsidiary. Two names: Boley and CINCOM, and two products supplementing each other perfectly: i.e. fixed headstock type and sliding headstock type CNC automatic lathes for the production of short and long parts, have guaranteed a successful two-brand strategy from then on.


Since 1970, Citizen has been selling sliding-headstock automatic lathes of the CINCOM brand in Europe. Initially from Brussels, starting from 1986 from Filderstadt close to Stuttgart, the German and European market was supplied with innovative, efficient and powerful products and the name of Citizen firmly established itself in the fields of automatic lathes.


Messrs. Boley were founded in Esslingen at the river Neckar in 1870 and quickly earned themselves a reputation in the production of turning machines and automatic lathes. Not least to the high precision and accuracy of the products, in combination with market custom-tailored solutions in line with the market, Boley machines were sold and are being sold all over the world.